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My Background

Training, Qualifications & Experience

I am a German national and have lived in the UK for the past 30 years.

Originally, I trained as a nursery teacher and state approved educator in Germany where I worked with children and later on in adult education.

I have worked using body and talking therapy for over 20 years. Gaining a deep understanding of, and insights into, the body/mind connection and how one is influenced and informed by the other.

I see clients in my private practice and the charity sector from a variety of racial, socio-economic, religious and gender backgrounds and across a range of age groups.

For the last 40 years I have been involved in personal growth development. During this time I have trained in Germany, USA, South America, the Netherlands and the UK.


Diplomas & Certificates

My core training and diploma is in Transaction Analysis (TA) counselling & psychotherapy.

I also have a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

I have additional training and experience in:

Rolfing (I.Rolf)

Rebirthing-breathwork (l.Orr)  

Primal Therapy (A.Janov),

Bioenergetics (A.Lowen)

Biodynamic bodywork (G.Boysen)

Professional Bodies

I am a member of:

MNCS (National Counselling Society, accredited) &
UKATA (UK Association for Transaction Analysis), and I abide by their codes of ethics and I am fully insured.

My Personal Interests

I love gardening, walking in nature and doing pottery.

Throughout the last 40 years, I’ve practised meditation, mainly in the tradition of Non-Duality.

"Non-duality is a translation of the Sanskrit word 'Advaita', which simply means 'not two' and points to the essential oneness (wholeness, completeness, unity) of life, a wholeness which exists here and now." 
Jeff Foster

'Non -Duality' is not attached to any religious belief.

Experience: Programs
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